Hourly Rate: $120, Minimum Rate: $100

Evan is an artist originally from Massachusetts and started tattooing in 2014. His tattooing styles stem from traditional Japanese and classical American. Solid bold lines & saturated colors. Surrealism and abstract work are passions as well.


Evan prefers to design custom work tailored to the individual, one of a kind pieces, and also has art for sale in the shop!

Hourly Rate: $100, Minimum Rate: $75

  Ian was born and raised in Colorado, and began tattooing in 2017.  Starting with woodworking, metal smithing, and graphic design, Ian has always had his hands full with a wide variety of projects.  Ian's tattoo style can be described as geometric, fine line, blackwork, dotwork, floral, and nature themes. He is still branching out with other styles here and there as well. Ian's favorite tattooing is larger scale and custom projects across a variety of genres.

Please visit Ian's website to view his portfolio and to book an appointment.  He also has original artwork for sale at the shop, so come by and say hi!

Book with Ian at www.lucidinceptions.com


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